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When it is about selling or buying property in Cyprus, or it is about getting a piece of Cyprus property on rent, or putting it up for rent, Blue Sky Cyprus Properties Portal is the one place that holds answers and solutions to all your problems. Blue Sky Cyprus Properties Portal specializes in providing reliable and efficient property dealing services in Nicosia, Limassol, Famagusta, Paphos, Larnaca, and the neighbouring regions. In addition to all this, we are also glad to offer our services to you in Greece, Bulgaria and the United Kingdom. We make sure that all of your real estate inquisitions are handled by registered professional real estate agents.

We make sure that all the future sellers, buyers, tenants and landlords that come to us are satisfied with the services and the professional help that we provide to them for their dealings regarding property in Cyprus. Besides catering to the client’s needs pertaining to new property in Cyprus as well as those being resold, we also take care to remain updated with recently launched projects that are resulting in growth of Cyprus properties.

You are always most welcome to seek advice regarding your property in Cyprus from our well-trained and experienced real estate agents. Moreover, you can also benefit from our home assurance, evaluation facilities and accommodation loans /project investment, property organization and property auction services


An easy access on how buy property in Cyprus is what we want to offer. We would not disappoint you in guiding through the best way. The laborious phases we pass through are for your assistance and to lead you to your wishes. We have a large array of Cyprus properties for sale and Cyprus properties for rent which are duly updated time to time. The guide lines are crystal clear and we do not intend to spoil your Cyprus ‘buy and sell’ business.

Our aim is to start helping you in your work right from the start till you return. We can inform you about where to stay, what to look for, which properties in Cyprus are best for sale, rent, which villas in Cyprus are worth looking for etc. Transportation, hotel and other placements will be immediately dealt with.

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