Property Buyers Guide

Establishing a Company in Cyprus

As it is well known Cyprus has emerged as one of the most favoured holding Company jurisdictions in Europe. The location of the island as well as the tax legislation, which has been developed in accordance with E.U and OECD requirements, have contributed to making Cyprus an attractive location for the setting up of companies. Businessmen will usually decide which jurisdiction provides the most eff... [Read More]

Cyprus Property Tax Incentive extended

CHANGES to Cyprus’ Property Transfer Fees, which came into effect in December 2011 for a period of six months and subsequently extended for a further period of six months, may now been extended until the 31st December 2013. The incentives only apply to the first sale of a property, where the contract is dated and deposited at the Land Registry by the end of 2013. Specifically: For thos... [Read More]

Buying property in Cyprus

The beautiful Island of Cyprus is world renowned for its natural beauty, great local cuisine, and hospitality. Sometimes simply coming to Cyprus for a few days of the year is not enough and there are a lot of people who would like to dream of owning a Cyprus property . The only thing that is stopping them is they are under the mistaken assumption that if they are not citizens they cannot invest i... [Read More]

Cyprus Residential Permit

Any European citizen who wish to reside in Cyprus is required to submit an application for the appropriate permit and to register with the Department of the Population and Migration Archive or with an office of the Aliens and Migration Service of the police.All European citizens who work and reside legally in Cyprus have the same rights as citizens of Cyprus as regards remuneration, working condit... [Read More]

Acquiring Title Deeds in Cyprus

Title deeds are also known as "Certificates of Registration of Immovable Property". These are stately documents which are significant as attestation for land or property ownership in Cyprus. When Cyprus got admitted to EU it had to abide by their rules so there were many changes. Among them was the limitations on non-Cypriots, belonging to other EU states, who intend to carry their property inves... [Read More]

Cyprus Property Taxation

Immovable Property Transfer Fees Real Estate Transfer tax-fees are necessary in order to transfer FREEHOLD ownership to the name of the purchaser. This can be done as soon as the relevant Government Authority has issued the title deed and the purchase has been completed. The Transferee is responsible for the tax payment.  The following fees are payable for the registration of a transfer of i... [Read More]